Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bukalong Stockyards

Because of its distance from anything else most of the infrastructure of the Bombala line beyond Cooma survives today. Among the items left are the stockyards at Bukalong.
Bukalong is located at 519.524km and is the last station before the terminus at Bombala, a further 15 kilometres down the line. The station opened with the line on 21 November 1921 and closed as a station on 20 February 1975, one of the many stations in New South Wales that closed in 1975. The siding was offically closed on 23 November 1982 but more than likely saw little use post-1970. A PC1 type station building was provided on a 77 metre long platform.
A loop siding 349.5 metres long on the up side of the line was provided at opening. A down facing crossover approximately halfway down the loop was also provided - this was removed some years prior to the line's closure. The line closed on 26 March 1986.
In the later years of the line (1978 Timetable) the only train was No. 411 Conditional Freight that was tabled to run on Wednesday's and Friday's and was conditional on Tuesday's and Thursday's. The train departed Cooma at 7:30am (after the arrival of the overnight mail from Sydney) and arrived at Bombala at 11:20am. The return service departed Bombala at 1:30pm, arriving back at Cooma at 5:46pm.
The stockyards are located on the loop 331 feet from the up end points. The stockyard platform was 148 feet long.
The stockyards are predominately constructed of timber and protected from the elements by red lead paint - alot of which still survives.
The below picutres were taken in May 2012.


  1. Graeme,
    the timbers that have a reddish finish. Were these actually painted red at some time or does this just appear to be a red mould growing on the timber. I notice it is not all over the yard

  2. Hi Graeme,

    Awesome pictoral documentation of this site! And great Information! Any Chance you have done the same with the Jincumbilly Station precint?